“What America Means to Me” 2011

Spring 2011 sees the launch of the second phase of the “What America Means to Me” workshops, a flagship community outreach programme between the School of American Studies at UEA and local primary and secondary schools in Norwich. This year the work that the students produce will be exhibited at a week-long “American Festival” to be held at The Forum, Norwich, from July 4th – July 9th 2011. The second What America Means to Me book will be launched at the festival, also. It is an exciting time for the project as we work on expanding it to incorporate the wider community in a series of events to be held at The Forum. For more information about the festival please contact Wendy McMahon at americaschoolsproject@gmail.com
For details about the venue for the festival please visit The Forum website http://www.theforumnorwich.co.uk

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