Catton Grove Primary School

The latest workshop (2012/13)

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2010 – 2012

Some of the year 6 pupils decided to dress up for the day:

               Catton Grove        Workshop at Catton Grove Primary School

 Children at Catton Grove Primary during the ‘What America Means to Me’ workshop

Selected creative work by Catton Grove Primary School students

The Grand Canyon  by Ellie ColkThe Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a very famous landmark in America. It is situated in a hot sunny state called Arizona just beside a desert so it’s really dusty and hot when you visit. The Grand Canyon was created by the Colorado River millions of years ago. Recent research suggests that this could have been up to 17 million years ago. It became a national monument on the 11th January 1908 and 11 years later it became a national park in the year of 1919, which then became a world heritage site on the 26th October 1979. The Grand Canyon ranges in width from 4-18 miles and a length of 277 miles that also maintains a depth of 1.83km (6000 feet).

Before European immigration Native Americans, who built settlements inside the Canyon and its many caves, inhabited the area.

Over 600 deaths have occurred in the Grand Canyon since the 1870’s. Some of the deaths are because of tourists dangerously taking photos near the gorge of the Canyon, others died because they drowned in the Colorado River. Many hikers overestimate their fitness and rapidly become dehydrated and confused and immediately have to be rescued. The park service now post a picture of a young man saying every year we rescue hundreds of people from the Canyon. 65 deaths were caused by environmental causes including heat stroke, cardiac arrest, dehydration and even hypothermia and seven were caught in flash floods. But despite all the unfortunate tragedies that have happened, the Grand Canyon is still one of the most visited places in America. So you should definitely go, I hear it’s a beautiful place.

Ellie Colk
Year 6, Catton Grove Primary School

Florida by Beth Palmer


Some children chose to research individual states to learn more about the diversity of American cultures, people and Flora and Fauna. Beth chose Florida.

Beth Palmer
Year 6, Catton Grove Primary School

Totem - Catton Grove Primary


A group of children researched the different nations of Native Americans and chose to draw a Totem Pole from the Pacific North West

Catton Grove Primary School

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